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>> it's a perfect night for roses. the celebration is in full force as stanford scores big. >> it's a celebration filled with mud and floding. the bay area bracing for more wet weather this weekend. good evening, everyone. i'm janelle wang for jessica aguire. >> it doesn't happen often. in fact, tonight marks only the second time it happened in the past 40 years. the stanford football team is advancing to the rose bowl. we have live team coverage and we have a report from the sta d stadi stadium. it was close. >> it was an exciting one. you think about it, david shaw and the cardinals this season doing something and not even jim or andrew could do at stanford. let's look at how it all went
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down in the fourth quarter. number 16, ucla at number eight stanford for the pac 12 championship. the fourth quarter, 26 yard touchdown and stanford goes up and go on to win 27-24, time to celebrate. bring on the roses. they will play the winner of the title game between nebraska and wisconsin in the rose bowl on january 1st. >> we play with a chip on our shoulder. our mantra has been to be loose and focused. our guys have done that and part of the chip proves that we are not a one-man organization here. >> the coach and the seniors ahead of us. the players in the locker room kept that going and held people accountable to the standard of football and character. >> and i'm sure a lot of celebrating in palo alto will have more coming up.
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>> they continue to play in the rain. outside the stadium it was a muddy mess. live in the parking lot that looks more like a lake. i bet stanford fans didn't mind after the big win. >> there a lot of excited fans and room for more. this game didn't sell out and maybe that's a good thing, parking tonight was limited due to flooding and muddy parking lots. this area is all set up for parking and even for tailgating, but it's under water. i'm about ankle deep. the rain made a mess on the field and off the field. >> a chance to see stanford beat ucla at home. >> kind of cold and messy, but it's good.
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>> rain ponjos and hats must have delivered good luck because there wasn't a sold out crowd. >> a few empty seats. the weather was driving people away. >> the rain made for an exciting win. >> i'm excited on the touchdown pass. >> ben weiss said the ball was as slick as the parking lot. >> being real thick, it was people falling down. >> tailgaters had to call in special teams to get through the parking lot turned mud bog. >> having to be towed out, we can get all the lights set up and the wind came along and knocked everything down. >> fans crowded into bars like the old pros. >> it's too darn cold and thought i would be looking through a bunch of em brelas. they helped security a spot in the rose bowl and they are hoping the weather will be rosy.
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>> stanford! yeah! >> a lot of excitement about the stanford win and not a lost excitement in the parking lot. nbc bay area news. >> definitely wet out there. thanks so much. >> a big bay area spores story just became official late tonight. one of the most celebrated players in giants history is no longer a giant. brian wilson is a free agent. the giants failed to offer a contract before the deadline. they could still sign the bearded relief pitcher, but he is free to sign with any other team as well. >> more on the storm coverage. the rain expected to be relentless this weekend. flooded roads and freeways around the bay area. several inches of rain and a couple of trees and more to come. we have live team coverage tonight. stephanie trong is in palo alto and people who survived the flood are worried again tonight.
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let's go to jeff ranieri with what's happening right now. >> a lot of rain in northern california. it's not just here in the bay area, but a good section of california. you can see on the estimated rainfall over the past 24 hours is covered in this dark green. that's at least three inches of rainfall. a lot of the river basins can't take any more. it's not just here, but again all the way up to the north of the rivers drained throughout redding, red bluff and chico and down into the bay area. everything is getting close. let's look at the maximum rainfall totals. in the north bay over eight inches. one of the highest. santa cruz mountains nearly 3 1/2. in the south bay, a very high total even for 3,486 feet, 7.24 is astonishing when you think about 24 hours. we will be under a flash flood
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watch for the north bay and the coastline with our next storm system coming in. we could see totals range from two to four inches. we are not done yet. it taps into a lot of moisture and we will detail when the rain moves in and where the biggest concerns are later on in the show. >> there several parts of the bay area where flooding is a big concern. it wasn't that long ago many people in the palo alto and menlo park area were knee deep. the creek has a history of flooding its banks and homes in the past. residents are concerned. here's stephanie trong. >> it was around this time of night in 1998 when the overblowing waters of the san francisquito creek across the creek in east palo alto where many were below the levy. they think about the recent rain
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saturating the ground. the question is how much more can that this creek take. it was february 1998. >> there was no warning. >> the waters from the creek -- >> it's such a silent enemy. >> swept into the palo alto home. >> once it comes over the threshold, you just look at it and you think oh! >> now 14 inches means more than a measurement. >> that's the bottom drawer of all your files. i lost all my family pictures. >> each times the skies darken with the heavy gray clouds conjures up fresh anxiety. >> the creek joins the authority created in 1999. executive director said the group has been working to protect the 6,000 homes and businesses in the floodplain area in palo alto, east palo alto and menlo park. >> this is particularly flashy.
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that means it can rise and fall quickly with the severe rain storm. a burst of rain and that's what we saw in 1998 and we are concerned it can happen again. >> next month the authority has reviews about the bridge. the choke point that sent water into many homes. >> that are bridge should have been replaced 30 years ago. >> the cost of repairs totalled -- >> $35,000. >> they say the cost of the concern has been the biggest price they paid and if there is another flood -- >> another move somewhere else. >> i don't have the strength i had 14 years ago to do all the things we did. >> the creek's joint authority plans to approve a project at a meeting in two weeks that would widen the creek and build more levies and flood walls here in the area. if the funding is there, construction could begin next year. stephanie trong, nbc bay area news. >> a day of rain is causing
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concern in the sierra. the truckee river is expected to rise six feet this weekend. the national weather service said the river could reach flood stage by sunday morning, putting riverside homes at risk. despite all this water, downtown truckee should not be affected. for the latest power outages and the weather updates and the storm information, go to our website and we will have updates overnight. >> we have new details about the shocking murder in one of the bay area's most exclusive neighborhoods. a well-known millionaire with a checkered past. the former owner of the famed mountain winery was killed in his mansion with his wife by his side. george kiriyama is monto sereno with information. >> i did confirm that her uncle was killed this morning. neighbors there are in disbelief as this is the town's first
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homicide since 1972. as detectives look for a killer or killers, they confirmed her uncle was the who was killed early friday morning in his 7,000 square foot mansion. it's the first homicide in 40 years in this upscale and exclusive community. neighbors are shocked. >> it's crazy and scary. >> his niece told us her uncle owned the mountain winery in saratoga in the late 90s and was a multimillionaire. police say his wife called 911. >> that woman reported that someone had broken into her house and ransacked it. that she was injury and needed help. >> she had been beaten. her husband dead-on the floor. there was at least one intruder and possibly four in the home. >> their intention was to do harm with the victims on the respect. the fact is that these are
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dangerous individuals or very dangerous individual and they need to be brought to justice. >> investigators have not said whether it was random or target and that worries neighbors. >> it makes me happy that i have a burglar alarm and i will be sure to put it on at night. >> i have been here 28 years and this is the only couple i don't know. we are very surprise and shock and taken back. >> investigators are being tight lipped on the details like how long were the killers inside the home and if anything was taken. live in los gatos, nbc bay area news. . >> i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. more showers lingering for tonight and parts of saturday, but a stronger weekend storm is developing and after winds at 60 miles per hour today. weak treas and power lines that could come down in the weekend storm. right now we have a live look in
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san jose where the commute is going to get nasty as we head throughout parts of the weekend. >> also the partnership you may not expect. >> the whole nasa thing, wow. you don't even get that at the best technical schools of the country. you get that in prison. >> it's eye-opening. san quentin inmates go to work for nasa. this out of the world experiment that some say will reduce crime. >> some say people need protection from id thieves. we will tell you how it happened, coming up. >> an nbc exclusive with tim cook. [ female announcer ] why settle for plain bread?
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>> hundreds of people who called 911 for a medical emergency are getting warning letters. personal information may have been stolen. more than 900 patients are taken to the hospital and may have had their personal information stolen. the company that handles the billing had a security breech. >> they had an employee who had fraudulently and illegally accessed patient information of customers that we had transfer here to berkeley. >> a spokesman said information may have been given to a crime ring known for filing stolen information. >> the u.s. supreme court did not indicate if they will hear california's prop 8 case. supporters of gay marriage are
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left waiting again. they could announce monday or even at some point later next week. voters passed prop 8 that bans gay marriage, but they ruled the law unconstitutional. same-sex marriages could proceed if they opt not to hear the case. the city and county clerks are calling the attorney general's office to ask for advice on how to prepare in case same-sex marriage legalized again. >> a job in the bay area pays 35 cents an hour and people are lining up to work. the felons are getting a lifeline from nasa. the space agency is taking the concept of rehab to another world. >> inside this old machine shop, felons are reaching for the stars. >> the whole nasa thing is -- wow.
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you don't even get that at the best technical schools in the prison. >> studying math and science and under the strict supervision of nasa, these inmates are building metal cubes that may some day carry miniature satellites into space. >> do you program this? >> we sit here and they are proud of what they learned. >> i didn't know the name ofs or how to use them. >> richard runs the shop. >> i'm really finicky about the work they do. >> a veteran, the peace keeper missile and space shuttle, this job is the most rewarding. >> to not only watch the guys grow with their skills.
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>> here they help each other, a stark contrast to the outside where turf is divided by race. black, white, mexican and asian. >> you go for these guys? >> i do. >> in fact crafting metal armed him with two national certificates. >> you come to prison and you think it's gloom and doom and you find yourself somewhere with a lost opportunity. you take advantage of it. >> for caesar who will be out soon, using tools to shape metal has given him tools to save his life. >> it will give me the skills to find a job. >> melting metal for nasa has given his dreams flight. >> it is strange to go from incarceration to building a part that is the opposite tote absolute freedom to being in outer space. >> the final frontier may be
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within. nbc bay area news. >> 3900 inmates, 27 are learning to be skilled machinists, but with $450 million to expand the state's prison rehab program, there is hope that more will learn the skills to leave their lives of crime behind. >> this weekend could be a washout, but there could be breaks. let's check in with jeff. >> i think i saw you smile about that. when will we get the dry weather? that's coming in the weekend forecast. we have been showing you the rainfall totals all day, but here are more. saratoga picking up 3.54 in 24 hours alone. the flooding was so elevated this morning. 2.69 in petaluma. just come into the north bay, they will be under flood warning into early next week until tuesday because of all the
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kreekree creeks, rivers and streams rising to high levels. for sonoma, we have a flood warning and the floor flood watch in the north bay counties and the coastline with this latest storm as well. current temperatures in the 50s, maybe you have big weekend plans for saturday, a few pockets of sunshine. let's get you back into the weather board. what we'll have for tomorrow is a smaller system to the north. it's very, very weak and basically going to keep the onshore flow going. stray showers in the forecast for saturday. by sunday, that's when the fourth stronger storm system is set to arrive. that is in river levels and will be rising to the highest levels and will be of our highest importance. let's get a look. tomorrow morning we will have areas of scattered showers down to the south bay. as we head throughout the
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afternoon, we will keep the hit and miss showers. not expecting heavy rainfall on saturday. as we head into sunday's forecast, here we go. heavy rainfall moving in from the north bay down to the south bay throughout 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00 in the morning. that could bring up water in a lot of the local streets and rivers and creeks and streams. overall totals from 1 to three inches. not as much as we had last time, but definitely another soaker coming our way. river level concern, 4.2 feet. critical is 10 feet. we could see it rise throughout sunday and also of course as we look ahead, we could see anywhere from about one to three inches of rain with the latest storm system. temperatures for saturday will get a few breaks of sunshine with spotty showers and it will mean great news for the los gatos holiday parade. a lot of you have been wondering what it's like. we can call it dry. showers and wind and temperatures in the low to mid 60s and not a major storm
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system. on our seven-day forecast, you will find that storm on sunday. then we get sun on monday. sun on tuesday and sun on wednesday and thursday and friday. enough weather to dry out by next week. >> still have to get through sunday though. >> take a breather. thanks. coming up, brian williams notices a big difference between tim cook and steve jobs. more on the exclusive interview, next. okay, here's the plan.
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interesting to see that tim cook is spending the day with brian williams. >> it was for an interview for the prime time show rock center. williams noticed a big difference between cook and steve jobs. cook can go unnoticed. the two of them as you can see walked through grand central terminal and williams said no one recognized cook until they reached the apple store. you can see the entire interview
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next thursday at 10:00 p.m. on rock center on nbc bay area. >> let's go to jamie once again. the big news, stanford heading to the rose bowl for either nebraska or wisconsin. correct? >> absolutely. we will find that out soon enough. first on the mines of giants fans tonight, a fan favorite could be on the move. baseball's open market beginning at 9:00. that's coming up next in sports.
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. i'm jaymee sire. you know him for his antics, but have giants seen the last of their all-star closer in orange and black? as of 9:00 p.m. that might be
11:27 pm
the case. brian wilson who is still recovering from his second tommy john surgery of his career this april, he is officially hit the free agent market. giants insider andrew baggerly reported they were nowhere near an agreement and it appears he will be playing somewhere else in 2013. over to football, the raiders linebacker has been suspended by the franchise for two weeks after conduct detrimental to the team comes two days after head coach allen in alameda. >> i'm not going to get into any of the specifics of anything that happened that went into the decision. that's team-related matters and we keep that within the family. >> this was my decision to make.
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>> the 25th ranked team accepted an invitation to the military roll n washington, d.c. it is still uncertain who the opponent will be, but it will be the first bowl game appearance since 2006. the high school football, they opened the championship in the fourth quarter. 7-0 and the second goal. elijah on the-yard touchdown run to make it a 7-7 tie. he had a chance to win in regulation. they go for it from the-yard line. kenneth dives for the end zone, but he's not in and that goes for overtime. the wildcats end with the touchdown runs. as we toll you at the top of the news, stanford headed to the rose bowl. a big championship weekend on saturday. we will find out who they will play. that does it for sports and more news after this.
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before we leave you, we have a flood warning. >> new updated information. we had this earlier, but now we have full information. flood warning for sonoma until we head into tuesday at 2:30 in the morning. that is now because the russian river is expected to top over flood stage. right now at 23.80 feet and expected to cross 33 feet on monday and flood stage at 32 feet. folks in that area need to be concern and start thinking about taking precautions. a flash flood watch to the coastline. hang in there, folks. >> thanks for joining us. stay save and have a great weekend. [ woman ] ring. ring.
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